Re-Step™ Rehabilitation System

Re-Step™ is a non-invasive, portable, easy-to-use,
and pocket-sized rehab system

Re-Step™ is founded on the latest advances in neuroscience. The Re-Step™ training system improves the walking and balance performance of stroke and brain trauma patients or people with CP.

Its size and portability mean that Re-Step™ can be used not only at rehab facilities, but also at home if supervised by a physical therapist.

More about Re-Step

How does Re-Step™ work?

Intuitive user interface

The system consists of a pair of special shoes whose sole height and angles change in a specific given order, thereby facilitating motor learning and problem solving in real time.

The shoes measure the parameters of the user’s gait. Additionally, progress data and treatment recommendations can be delivered to different types of computers (desktops, tablets, etc.) or smart mobile devices connected to the system.


For PatientsFor Professionals
    • Provides immediate and accurate results to clinicians
    • Programmed for different levels of motor disabilities
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Treatment can be performed at home or at a rehab facility
    • Non-invasive
    • Allows users to transfer and apply their achievements to “real-life” environments
    • Dynamic walking training that challenges users