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The Revolutionary Re-Step Shoe
  • Re-Step

    What is Re-Step™

    Re-Step™ is a training system that modifies the environment during walking and is aimed to improve stability and walking. It includes a pair of Re-Step™ shoes and a computer program. Re-Step™ system is portable and easy in ambulatory or home use.

    Who can benefit from Re-Step™?

    Re-Step™ may help people with movement disorders of central origin, e.g. after stroke, brain trauma, cerebral palsy. It may improve walking skills in elderly fallers and prevent falls in seniors.

    How does Re-Step™ system work?

    The system consists of a pair of special shoes that change the sole height and inclinations in a specific order, thus facilitating motor learning and problem solving in real time. The shoes measure the parameters of your gait and in addition a PC displays progress and recommendations.

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