Re-Step™ Rehabilitation System

A non-invasive, portable, easy to use, miniature rehabilitation system

Re-Step™ is based on the latest achievements of neuroscience. The Re-Step™ training may improve walking and balance performance of persons following stroke, CP and brain trauma. The intuitive user interface and easy one-button solution enables the use of Re-Step not only in clinics, but also at home.

Re-Step interface
Intuitive user’s interface

What is Re-Step™?

Re-Step™ is a training system that modifies the environment during walking and is aimed to improve stability and walking. It includes a pair of Re-Step™ shoes and a computer program. Re-Step™ system is portable and easy in ambulatory or home use.

Who can benefit from Re-Step™?

Re-Step™ may help people with movement disorders of central origin, e.g. after stroke, brain trauma, cerebral palsy. It may improve walking skills in elderly fallers and prevent falls in seniors.

How does the Re-Step™ system work?

The system consists of a pair of special shoes that change the sole height and inclinations in a specific order, thus facilitating motor learning and problem solving in real time. The shoes measure the parameters of your gait and in addition a PC displays progress and recommendations.

Can I use Re-Step™ for uses other than rehabilitation?

Yes, if you have no motor disturbances, you can use it for training and not therapeutically.

Are there the same exercises and training program for all users of Re-Step™?

No, the training program and specific tasks are matched individually to each user and will be changed according to progress.

Stages of Re-Step™ training

First Consultation and evaluation of walking function and balancing ability at Reuth – Re-Step™ Institute for Rehabilitation of Walking, Tel-Aviv. During the first consultation a medical doctor and Reuth physiotherapists, experts in the Re-Step™ treatment approach, will conduct the first clinical evaluation and decisions on walking improvement, training goals, and course strategies.

Re-Step™ training course

Following the first consultation you will begin a training course with Re-Step™ that consists of 22 sessions, 2-3 per week.

Each session lasts about 50 minutes and starts with a “warm-up” with basic mobilization and muscle strengthening exercises. It is followed by a set of walking exercises with Re-Step™ according to a progressive training protocol and ends with “cool down” stretching and relaxation activities. During this training stage the Re-Step™ is pre-programmed to induce incrementally increasing perturbations in a range that is physically tolerable for you. The exercises include walking in different trajectories at variable velocities, along with simultaneous cognitive tasks.

In the first and last session you will perform a battery of balance and walking tests to evaluate your progress over the course of training.


  • Provides immediate and accurate results to clinicians
  • Programmed for different levels of motor disabilities
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Treatment can be performed at home or clinic
  • Non-invasive rehab device
  • Allows to transfer and retain achievements in “real-life” environments
  • Challengeable dynamic training of walking

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