About Step Of Mind

We teach the brain to take the right step

Step Of Mind Ltd. (SoM) is dedicated to developing products that improve motor functions, based on the implementation of chaos and motor control theories. SoM is a privately owned Israeli company. It develops innovative technologies and auxiliary equipment for the medical industry, including unique devices that improve walking and other motor functions. Our initial line of products, which targets walking disorders, introduces a variable walking environment through non-invasive wearable systems.

SoM is engaged in scientific research, conceptual and technical development, product design and marketing. We are committed to providing the users of our systems with the most effective care and a better quality of life. There are currently a number of products in the pipeline (IP-protected), which implement multiple components of our technologies and applications.

The focus of Step of Mind’s R&D is on developing portable training devices that incorporate ground-breaking findings in the fields of motor control, motor learning and rehabilitation.

The company’s team is highly experienced in the fields of rehabilitation and exercise physiology. SoM’s developments rely on a broad base of scientific research and accomplishments in these fields.

The first clinical studies were performed on children with cerebral palsy. Furthermore, the approach was successfully tested in a multi-site international randomized controlled trial. SoM is presently developing a range of applications that will facilitate the most effective motor learning for training, rehabilitation, and preventive purposes.