Re-Step for Patients

Re-Step™, developed by Step of Mind Ltd., is a computerized system that helps people practice and rehabilitate their walking abilities. The system is founded on cutting-edge research in neuroscience, movement science, and chaos theory The system has been tested in clinical trials around the world, with the results showing improved walking abilities.

RE-STEP patients

Who is the treatment intended for? Our system helps people who have difficulty walking due to different types of brain trauma (e.g. following a stroke or accident). It is also tailored to adolescents and adults with cerebral palsy, adults and elderly people who tend to lose their balance, and any person suffering from a severe walking disorder.

How does the Re-Step™ system work? The training sessions are supervised by professionals who are certified Re-Step™ therapists, and are conducted at clinics that have our equipment The system itself consists of a pair of special shoes, connected to and operated by exclusive software that changes the height and angles of the soles in a specific given order, thereby facilitating motor learning and problem solving in real time.

The patient learns how to cope with the changes as they become increasingly difficult, based on instructions received from the on-site physical therapist. The training resembles treading on uneven surfaces, like rocks or sand at the beach. This challenging training, coupled with cognitive tasks, is highly effective for patients with brain injuries who need to rehabilitate their walking. Naturally, the improvement in walking can vary between patients, but its first signs are typically felt after a few treatments.

A rigorous training period is however required in order to retain the improvements in walking and implement them in daily life. Re-Step™ views you – the patient – as our company’s primary partner. Step of Mind Ltd is committed to improving the lives and quality of life of Re-Step™ users. Together with leading clinics and scientists, we are dedicated to developing rehab devices that enhance therapy success and support physicians and therapists in their daily work with patients.

The needs of each and every patient are the centerpiece of our system. Patients who have tried Re-Step™ have only praise for its results: “For the first time in many years, I feel safe to walk outdoors.” “I feel like I’m walking while overcoming obstacles.” Training Program – Neurological Background Ordinary walking in natural and dynamic surroundings is often a totally predictable activity, whereas other times it can come across a variety of unexpected elements.

Training with the aid of Re-Step™ simulates the experience of walking in natural environments, which are different than the typical physical therapy setting. It does so by introducing some of those unexpected and ‘chaotic’ factors to the treading surface during the training sessions. Not only are patients required to cope with ‘real life’ walking experiences during the training, they also retain that ability once they leave the clinic and face similar situations. Re-Step™ therefore leads the motor centers of the central nervous system to accommodate and adjust the body’s responses to changes that occur while walking.


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