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Israeli companies give hope to people with brain injuries worldwide

By Ilene Schneider, May 2014

The statistics are staggering. Concussions affect as many as 4 million Americans annually. More than 45 million young people involved in sports in the United States incur the risk of a concussion. The cost burden from concussion-related injuries on the healthcare system is estimated at about $17 billion per year in the United States alone…See more at:

Improving Mobility of the Impaired with High-Tech Shoes 01/04/2014

For many years, Dr. Simona Bar-Haim worked as a physiotherapist focused on treating children with cerebral palsy (CP). In her forties, she decided on a life of research and earned her Ph.D. at BGU…See more at:

Israeli shoes put high-tech in your step

Abigail Klein Leichman March 24, 2014

ISRAEL21c looks at two new made-in-Israel shoe technologies to help people avoid falls and regain proper gait after stroke and other injury…See more at: